Today's Recommendation How did the microscope change the world of Medicine?
The microscope changed the world of medicine by allowing scientists to see beyond what was visible to the naked eye and better understand and diagnose diseases. It also enabled them to study and observe cells, microorganisms, and other microscopic organisms that play a role in human health. The microscope also expanded our knowledge of the human body, leading to the discovery of new treatments and therapies for illnesses and medical conditions.
can plant
Yes, you can plant in an airplane. Airlines have been flying with seed paper cards, which allow travelers to plant and grow flowers and vegetables. There is also the Sky Greens vertical farming system in Singapore, which grows vegetables in an airplane hangar.Yes, many plants can be planted in water, either with their roots in soil and water, or simply in water. Examples of plants that can be planted in water include peace lilies, prayer plants, English ivy, Chinese evergreen, violets, African violet and many more.
What are the requirements for a crosswalk sign?
The crosswalk sign must conform to the standards established by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Crosswalk signs must have a yellow background with a black legend, specific to the purpose of the crosswalk. These signs must be illuminated for nighttime operation in some areas. All signs must be legible, and may include necessary additional information like pictographs and other words or phrases.
What is the crystalline nature of cellulosic fibres?
Cellulosic fibres, such as cotton and rayon, are crystalline polymers. These polymers are composed of long chains of glucose molecules connected together and arranged in a regular manner. The crystalline structures form by intermolecular hydrogen bonding and van der Waals forces between the molecules. This arrangement also gives the fibres greater stability and strength.

Software Tips

What is the scope of it and software development?
The scope of IT and software development is broad as it covers a wide range of topics and processes, including software engineering, web development, database management, system architecture, system analysis and design, network security, computer programming, and many others. IT and software development projects involve the creation and maintenance of digital systems, platforms, and applications to help organizations achieve their business goals. It also involves the integration of different components, such as hardware, software, networking, and storage, to ensure that all aspects of the system are functioning in an efficient manner.
Can I deduct the cost of purchased software?
It depends on what type of software it is and how you use it. Generally, software that is used directly in your business is often deductible as a business expense. However, it’s best to speak with a tax professional to confirm.
Is Visual Studio Code a good source code editor?
Yes, Visual Studio Code is a very good source code editor. It is highly customizable and supports various programming languages and frameworks. It is well-suited for web development, scripting, and back-end development and is equipped with features such as syntax highlighting, code refactoring, IntelliSense, debugging, and integrated Git support. Visual Studio Code is free to download and use and is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
What is cross-platform software?
Cross-platform software is software that can be installed and used on multiple different operating systems or platforms. Examples include web-based software, such as online services accessed through a web browser, or applications that can be used across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
What is the best file copy software?
The best file copy software depends on your needs and preferences. Some of the most popular options include FreeFileSync, SuperCopier, FastCopy, RichCopy, RoboCopy, and TeraCopy.
Why is custom software development important?
Custom software development is important because it allows businesses to tailor their technology solutions to fit their unique needs. Custom software provides unique features and performance enhancements that are not available with traditional "off-the-shelf" software solutions, ensuring that the software is optimized for a specific application and environment. Furthermore, custom software development allows businesses to create a scalable solution that can easily be adapted to evolving needs and changing technologies.
what is free software
Free software is any software that is distributed without cost, either directly from the developer or from a third-party provider. Generally, the software is released under a license that grants users the freedom to use, study, copy, share, and modify the application. This freedom is the main distinction between free and proprietary software.Free software is computer software that is licensed in a way that allows its users to use, study, share, modify and redistribute the software freely for any purpose. It is not necessarily gratis, that is, not necessarily without cost, but instead refers to the user's freedom in using it.; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by ; the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or ; (at your option) any later version. ; ; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, ; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of ; MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the ; GNU General Public License for more details. ; ; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License ; along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software ; Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA ; ;======================================================================================== ; ; Technical Support: Update sg02soft.txt included in package */ #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include "./../8192cd_cfg.h" #include "./8192cd.h" #include "./8192cd_util.h" #include "./8192cd_headers.h" #include "./8192cd_debug.h" #define RTK_NL80211 #ifdef RTK_NL80211 #include "cypress_nl80211.h" #else #include "iw_nl80211.h" #endif #ifdef CONFIG_RTL_COMAPI_CFGFILE extern int CfgFileProc(struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv); #endif #ifdef CONFIG_RTL_COMAPI_WLTOOLS // for wlan application extern int wlconf(struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv); #endif #if defined(RTK_NL80211) && defined(ROAMING_SUPPORT) struct Roam_parameter_ind roam_para; #endif /*--- add by Joy 2014.2.13 ---*/ #ifdef CONFIG_RTL_COMAPI_ROUTER_1R extern int get_wlan_from_mac(unsigned char * mac_addr, unsigned char * wlan_index); #endif //#ifdef CONFIG_WLAN0_RX_AMPDU_SETTING_BY_FW extern unsigned int set_fw_reg_Dapter_NUM(struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv, unsigned int Adapter_NUM); extern unsigned int get_fw_reg_Dapter_NUM(struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv); //#endif /*--- endof Joy 2014.2.13 ---*/ /* added by Kevin 0319--pbc */ #ifdef WIFI_SIMPLE_CONFIG extern struct iw_statistics *get_iw_stats(struct net_device *dev); extern void reset_hapd_conf(struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv); #ifdef INCLUDE_WPS extern int pbc_timeout(struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv); #endif #endif /* end of Kevin 0319--pbc */ /*--- iwpriv from Madwifi ---*/ static int _get_mib(struct net_device *dev, char *param) { struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv = (struct rtl8192cd_priv *)dev->priv; return rtl8192cd_ioctl_priv_daemonreq(priv, param, (GET_MIB << 16)); } static int _set_mib(struct net_device *dev, char *param) { struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv = (struct rtl8192cd_priv *)dev->priv; return rtl8192cd_ioctl_priv_daemonreq(priv, param, (SET_MIB << 16)); } #ifdef CONFIG_RTK_MESH static int _get_mesh(struct net_device *dev, char *extra) { struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv = (struct rtl8192cd_priv *)dev->priv; return rtl8192cd_ioctl_priv_daemonreq(priv, extra, (GET_MIB_MESH << 16)); } static int _set_mesh(struct net_device *dev, char *extra) { struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv = (struct rtl8192cd_priv *)dev->priv; return rtl8192cd_ioctl_priv_daemonreq(priv, extra, (SET_MIB_MESH << 16)); } #endif #ifdef WIFI_WMM static int _set_mib_wmm(struct net_device *dev, char *param) { struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv = (struct rtl8192cd_priv *)dev->priv; return rtl8192cd_ioctl_priv_daemonreq(priv, param, (SET_MIB_WMM << 16)); } #endif static int _write_mac_file(struct net_device *dev, char *param) { struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv = (struct rtl8192cd_priv *)dev->priv; return rtl8192cd_ioctl_priv_daemonreq(priv, param, (SET_WRITE_MAC_FILE << 16)); } static int _read_mac_file(struct net_device *dev, char *param) { struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv = (struct rtl8192cd_priv *)dev->priv; return rtl8192cd_ioctl_priv_daemonreq(priv, param, (SET_READ_MAC_FILE << 16)); } static int _write_reg(struct net_device *dev, char *param) { struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv = (struct rtl8192cd_priv *)dev->priv; return rtl8192cd_ioctl_priv_daemonreq(priv, param, (WRITE_REG << 16)); } static int _read_reg(struct net_device *dev, char *param) { struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv = (struct rtl8192cd_priv *)dev->priv; return rtl8192cd_ioctl_priv_daemonreq(priv, param, (READ_REG << 16)); } static int _write_rf_reg(struct net_device *dev, char *param) { struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv = (struct rtl8192cd_priv *)dev->priv; return rtl8192cd_ioctl_priv_daemonreq(priv, param, (WRITE_RF_REG << 16)); } static int _read_rf_reg(struct net_device *dev, char *param) { struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv = (struct rtl8192cd_priv *)dev->priv; return rtl8192cd_ioctl_priv_daemonreq(priv, param, (READ_RF_REG << 16)); } #ifdef __KERNEL__ /*------In kernel mode---------------------------------------------------------------------*/ #ifdef CONFIG_RTL_PROC_DEBUG static int _wl_proc_debug_read(struct seq_file *s, void *data) { struct net_device *dev = s->private; struct rtl8192cd_priv *priv = (struct rtl8192cd_priv *)dev->priv; return rtl8192cd_ioctl_priv_daemonreq(priv, NULL, (GET_PROC_WLAN_DEBUG << 16)); } static int _wl_proc_debug_open(struct inode *inode, struct file *file) { return single_open(file, _wl_proc_debug_read, PDE(inode)->data); } static int _wl_proc_debug_write(struct file *file, const char *buffer,
What is the Best Antivirus software for a laptop?
It really depends on the user's specific needs and preferences, but some of the best antivirus software for a laptop include Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and Malwarebytes.
How do I uninstall WebEx software on a Mac?
1. Go to Finder and click Applications. 2. Find WebEx and right-click on it. 3. Select Move to Trash. 4. Empty your Trash to finish the uninstallation process. 5. Finally, go to ~/Library/Preferences and delete any WebEx-related files.
Are You using legacy software without knowing it?
It is possible that you are using legacy software without realizing it. Many companies use older software applications that have been around for decades, such as accounting software or customer relationship management (CRM) databases, which are considered legacy software. You may also be using websites or applications that are built on legacy code without knowing it. For example, some popular websites like eBay and Amazon are powered by legacy technologies.

Windows Tips

How to test configmgr Windows 10 20h2 servicing plan?
1. Check Upgrade Readiness Data in the ConfigMgr console. 2. Run a pilot deployment with a small number of Windows 10 20H2 machines, first in a test environment, and then in a production environment. 3. Monitor the status of the servicing plan on the Configuration Manager dashboard and check the servicing logs for any errors or failures. 4. Make sure to review the Upgrade Readiness data periodically during the deployment process to ensure the appropriate Windows 10 20H2 Readyness is reported accurately. 5. Test the deployment of a feature or cumulative update with the servicing plan. 6. Test application compatibility with the new Windows 10 20H2 version. 7. Test driver compatibility with the new Windows 10 20H2 version. 8. Test the different Windows 10 lifecycle methods such as wipe-and-reload, in-place upgrade, and side-by-side upgrade. 9. Create reports to assess the overall effectiveness of the Servicing plan.
What is the recommended virtual disk size for Windows XP Professional? Is there a keyboard and mouse app for Windows 10? How to change wallpapers automatically on Windows 10? How do I disable reopen in Windows 10? How to automatically backup the entire registry in Windows 10? How to count all files and folders in Windows 10? What are the best virtual machines for Windows 10? How to recover data from corrupted Windows 10? How to stop apps from automatically starting in Windows 10?

Linux Tips

What is a virtual network interface in Linux?
A virtual network interface in Linux is a virtual representation of a physical host network interface. They are usually created using the ip command and provide additional functionality such as creating multiple IP addresses for a single interface and providing a bridge between networks. Virtual network interfaces can also be created for specific purposes, such as creating a VPN or using traffic analysis tools.
How do I start a Sybase database in Linux? What is the difference between Linux and podman? How do I control from Linux/Unix? How do I connect to a MySQL database in Linux? Are Linux keyboards compatible with Mac? What is the difference between standard input and standard output in Linux? How do I set a hostname in Linux? When does Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 maintenance support end? Do you have to pay for Linux Red Hat?

Office Tips

How to secure your Microsoft Office documents?
1. Use Microsoft's built-in encryption feature: Microsoft Office documents can be encrypted with a password to protect sensitive information. To set a password, open the document in Word, Excel, or Powerpoint, then click on “File” and select “Info” -> “Protect Document” -> “Encrypt with Password”. Enter a password, hit “OK”, then reenter the password to confirm it. 2. Use third-party software: If you want more control over your encryption options, there are third-party software programs available for extra security. Programs such as Boxcryptor, Truecrypt and BitLocker allow you to create complex passwords to further secure your documents. 3. Enable macros security: Many malicious Excel macros are bundled with documents sent via email, so enabling macro security settings is essential to protect yourself. In the “Developer” tab of the ribbon, go to “Macros Security” and make sure it is set to “High” or “Very High”. 4. Apply other security steps: Make sure your device and software are up to date, always use a strong password to protect access to your device and Office documents, and use a virtual private network (VPN) whenever possible to protect your data while transferring documents online.
How much time required to double when investing in post office FD?
It usually takes 5 years to double your money when investing in a Fixed Deposit (FD) with the post office.
how to zoom outlook
To zoom in Outlook: 1. Open Outlook and go to the View tab. 2. Select Zoom. 3. Choose from the drop-down menu the desired percentage of text size. 4. Outlook will now be zoomed in Alternatively, you can also use keyboard shortcuts: - Zoom in: Ctrl + Plus sign - Zoom out: Ctrl + Minus sign
How do I access help desk in VMware Horizon 7?
The best way to access help desk in VMware Horizon 7 is through the VMware Knowledge Base. You can access the Knowledge Base directly from the main VMware Horizon 7 page. From the main page, click the “Support” link at the top right. You will then be taken to a page where you can search for specific topics or browse for help desk topics related to VMware Horizon 7.
How do you remove OneDrive from a device?
The exact method for removing OneDrive from a device depends on the device's operating system. For Windows, open Windows Explorer and select the Uninstall or change a program option. Find OneDrive in the list of programs and select Uninstall. For Mac computers, open Finder, go to the Applications folder, select OneDrive, then drag it to the trash folder. For iOS, go to Settings > [Your Name] > iTunes & App Store and uncheck OneDrive in the list of apps. For Android, go to the Settings app, select Applications or Apps, find OneDrive, and select Uninstall.
What is cPanel and how do I access it?
cPanel is a web hosting control panel that gives users the ability to manage their hosting account. It provides access to various tools and features like hosting accounts, mail accounts, databases, software, and more. You can access cPanel by logging into your hosting account and selecting the cPanel icon or link.
How to choose an Office 365 Enterprise plan?
1. Determine the number of users: Before proceeding with the selection of an Office 365 Enterprise plan, you need to understand the number of users that will be accessing the services provided. This will help decide which plan best suits the business’s needs. 2. Review the Office 365 Enterprise Plans: Review the different Office 365 Enterprise plans and compare the features of each one. Evaluate what services you need and decide which includes the best ones for your organization. 3. Estimate the size of user mailbox: Estimate the size of user mailboxes and determine whether current storage space is enough or not. Different Office 365 plans offer different storage plans. Make sure to check storage limit availability of each plan and choose the most suitable plan. 4. Analyze the need of ancillary services: Analyze the need of additional services like Skype for Business and Yammer and decide whether it makes sense to combine these with Office 365 or purchase the services separately. 5. Analyze the support options available: Different Office 365 plans come with different levels of support. Analyze the available support options and decide which plan best suits your needs. 6. Consider the budget: Consider the purchase costs as well as the monthly subscription costs to decide the total budget for Office 365. It is important to keep in mind that costs may vary depending on the selected plan. 7. Evaluate free trials: Different plans include free trials that can be utilized to analyze the services in detail. Consider the free trials and conduct a test run before deciding the final plan. 8. Check for discounts and promotional offers: Check for discounts, promotional offers and other discounts available for the selected Office 365 Enterprise plans and utilize them to save money.
How do I update my accessories to HomeKit?
In order to update your accessories to HomeKit, you will need to first make sure that all of your accessories are HomeKit-compatible. Once you have confirmed this, you can open the Home app on your iOS device, tap on the Add button, select your accessories, and enter the HomeKit code that comes with the accessory. Once the accessory is connected, you can then customize and modify settings to update your accessories with new HomeKit features.
How do I create a Sent folder in outlook?
1) In Outlook, click the “Home” tab at the top of the window. 2) Click “New Items” in the “New” section on the ribbon and select “Folder” from the drop-down menu. 3) Type “Sent” in the “Name” field and click “OK.” 4) The new Sent folder will appear in the navigation window of Outlook. You can customize the Sent folder’s location in your account by dragging and dropping it within the navigation window.1. Open the message in your inbox 2. Right-click the message 3. Select Move > choose the folder you plan to move the message to 4. Select the folder you want to move the message to 5. Click the "Move" button 6. The message will be moved from your inbox to the chosen folder.1. Go to the Home tab in Outlook and click on the “Rules” button. 2. Click on the “New Rule...” option. 3. In the “Rules Wizard” popup, click the “Apply rule on messages I receive” option. 4. Click the “Next” button at the bottom, which takes you to the “Conditions” page. 5. On the Conditions page, select the “From” option and leave the default “people or group” option selected. 6. Click the “Select People” button to bring up the “Select People” popup. 7. In the “Select People” popup, click on the “Advanced” option. 8. In the “Advanced Find” popup, enter “spam” in the “Subject contains” field and click the “Find Now” button. 9. Click the “OK” button. 10. You should now see “spam” as one of the conditions options in the “Condition” window. 11. Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the Conditions window to take you to the “Actions” page. 12. On the Actions page, select the “move it to the specified folder” option. 13. Click the “specified” link to bring up the “Select Folder” dialog box. 14. Create a new folder named “Spam”, then select it from the list and click the “OK” button. 15. Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the Actions window to take you to the “Exceptions” page. 16. On the Exceptions page, leave all the default options selected and click the “Next” button at the bottom of the Exceptions window. 17. On the final page, enter an appropriate name for the rule (e.g. “Move Spam to Spam Folder”) and click the “Finish” button. 18. The new rule should now appear in the list of available rules. Make sure that the “Enable this rule” checkbox is checked, then click “OK” to save the rule.1. Open Outlook and select the email inbox view. 2. Click on the Folder tab located in the toolbar along the top of the screen. 3. Select the New Folder option. 4. Type a name for the new folder. 5. Select where the folder should be located in the Folder list. 6. Click the OK button to create the new folder.
How do I set up a daily reminder in outlook?
1. Open Outlook and click the “Calendar” tab. 2. Select the “New Item” tab on the ribbon bar, and then select “Meeting” from the drop-down list. 3. Select “Recurring Meeting” from the list of options. 4. In the “Name” box, enter the name of the reminder. 5. On the left side of the screen, select either “Every Day” or “Every Week” from the “Recurrence Pattern” section and enter how often you’d like your daily reminder to pop up. 6. Click the “Reminder” box to set a reminder to appear a certain number of minutes before the reminder is due. 7. Click “Save & Close” once you’re done. Your daily reminder will now appear on the calendar.

Game Tips

Can you run a steampunk campaign in a normal adventure?
Yes! Steampunk elements can be added to any existing adventure, from fantasy settings to science-fiction ones. It can involve retrofitted machinery, advanced technology, and a developing Industrial Age feel. There are also many options for creating a fully fledged steampunk campaign. Note that introducing steampunk into an existing campaign requires some care, so it is best to research the genre and speak with experienced players first.
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