What is post office small savings scheme?
Post Office Small Savings Scheme is a savings scheme offered by the Indian Post Office. It is a risk-free saving instrument that offers good returns over the long term and provides sovereign guarantee. The schemes include Savings Account, Recurring Deposit, Time Deposit, National Savings Certificate (NSC), Public Provident Fund (PPF), Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP), Sukanya Samriddhi Account (SSA), Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) and Monthly Income Scheme (MIS).
How do I search Outlook email by date?
To search Outlook email by date, first use the ‘Search’ field at the top right hand corner of your Outlook window. Then, add the following text: ‘received: [date]’, replacing the [date] text with the specific date you wish to search for. Click ‘Search’, and Outlook will display all emails received on that date.
How much rent should you pay for your office space?
This depends on the area in which you will be renting. Office space rental prices vary significantly depending on exact location, size of the space, and amenities. The only way to accurately determine your rental rate is to speak with landlords in your particular area to obtain quotes.
How much does family office pay?
Because the services and responsibilities of a family office can vary widely, so too can the salary. Compensation may range from $100,000 to $500,000 or more per year, depending on the size of the family office and the responsibilities of the position.
Can conditional access target device groups?
Yes, conditional access can target device groups. Microsoft's Azure cloud platform allows administrators to create groups of devices and then apply security policies, such as conditional access, to those groups. This ensures that the same set of policies is applied to all the devices in the group.Conditional access policies are rules that control user access to cloud applications, resources and data. They regulate who has access to what data and the kinds of conditions that must be met for the user to be granted access. Commonly used conditions might include user identity, device and operating system, network location, threat levels, and compliance requirements. They are used to protect against unauthorized access and protect data from being leaked, stolen or misused.A filter for devices in a conditional access policy is used to define which devices or users are allowed or restricted access to apps, data, or services. Filters can be used to specify device type, device operating system, device ownership, device enrollment state, or device compliance state.Yes, you can use conditional access with a device in a security group. However, keep in mind that your conditional access policy will be applied to all devices in the security group, not just to the device that you have added to the group. If you need to customize the policy for the device, you may want to consider creating a new security group exclusively for that device.The attributes for device objects in conditional access include the device type, device groups, the device management state, the device platform, the operating system version, the user identity, the user location, and device compliance state.
What is the average salary of a police officer?
The average salary for a police officer varies by location, but the national average salary is approximately $67,600 per year.
Do Canadians have access to their health records online?
No, Canadians do not currently have access to their health records online. However, there are some online services available that allow Canadians to view some information related to their health and services provided by their health care providers.
How to change the default font and size in outlook?
1. Open Outlook and go to File > Options > Mail. 2. Under the Compose messages section, click on Font to open the Font window. 3. Select the font, size, style and other font attributes, and click OK. 4. Click OK to save your changes. Your new font and size will now be the default font used whenever you compose a message in Outlook.1. Go to the Windows Start button and select 'Control Panel'. 2. Click on Mail, then click 'Show Profiles'. 3. Click 'Prompt for a profile to be used', then click 'Add' 4. Select a new profile name and click 'OK'. 5. To remove the existing profile, select it from the Mail Profiles window, then click 'Remove'. 6. Relaunch Outlook and select the new profile when prompted.To increase font size in Outlook, go to the Home tab, select the 'Increase Font Size' button, or press the 'Ctrl + Shift + >' keys. You can also select the text you want to enlarge and then go to Home > Font > Font Size. A drop-down box will appear with a range of font sizes. Select the one you wish to use.To change the font size back to the default font size, you can go to the Settings app on your device and select the Display & Brightness option. From there you can adjust the font size slider to adjust the font size to the default.1. In Outlook, select the "File" tab at the top-left of the window. 2. On the left side of the window that appears, select "Options". 3. In the window that appears, select "Mail" from the list on the left. 4. Scroll down to the "Compose messages" section and select the dropdown menu labeled "Stationery and Fonts..." 5. A new window will appear. Select the "Font" tab at the top. 6. From the list of fonts, you can now select a new font for your messages. 7. Select "OK" when you are finished.1. Open Outlook and select the Home tab. 2. Go to the New Group and click the Message button. 3. Select Format Text and choose the Font tab. 4. Select the desired font, style, size and other font formatting options (such as color, bold, italic, etc). 5. Click OK to save the settings. 6. Compose your message and hit the send button.1. Open Outlook and click on the File menu in the top left corner. 2. Click Options, then Mail. 3. In the Compose Messages section, click on the Font button. 4. Under the Font tab, reduce the Font size to the desired size. 5. Click on the OK button and save the changes.
Can a police officer search your cell phone in California?
Yes, a police officer can search a cell phone in California with a valid search warrant.
How to recover lost tasks from Outlook?
1. Check Your Trash/Deleted Items: The easiest and most likely place to find lost Outlook tasks is in the Trash/Deleted Items folder. Select this folder and look through it for any tasks that you may have accidentally deleted. If you find the task, you can simply drag and drop it back into your task list. 2. Use the Recover Lost Tasks Feature: If you can’t find the tasks in your Trash/Deleted Items folder, you can use the Recover Lost Tasks feature to try to recover them. To do this, go to the File tab and select the Info option. On the Info page, look for the section titled Manage Tasks and select the Recover Lost Tasks option. 3. Search Your Mailbox: If the Recover Lost Tasks feature didn’t turn up any results, you can try searching your entire mailbox for your missing tasks. To do this, go to the Search tab and type in the name of your task. You should then see any emails related to your task and you can check each one to see if it has the information you’re looking for. 4. Check your Local Storage: Outlook saves a copy of your tasks in a file on your computer, so if all else fails, you can check this file to recover any lost tasks. To do this, go to the File tab and select Options. On the Options page, look for the section titled Advanced and select the Export button. In the Export window, select the Tasks option and click OK. This should create a backup file of your tasks on your computer, which you can use to recover any lost tasks.


Is it safe to invest in post office schemes?
Yes, investing in post office schemes can be considered safe, as they are backed by the Government of India and monitored by the Securities and Exchange Board of India. However, it is important to research and analyse the different schemes available before investing in order to ensure that the investment is suitable for your needs and financial goals.
What do college admissions officers do?
College admissions officers review applications, essays, and resumes to determine which applicants should be admitted to the college. They also counsel students during the application process and make enrollment decisions. Additionally, they often help coordinate orientation and registration activities, provide academic advisement and evaluate transfer credits.
How do I remove account from OneNote?
To delete an existing account from OneNote, open the account settings menu, click the “delete account” option, and follow the prompts in the pop-up window. The account will then be deleted and all its data will be lost.
How to change default font size and font color in outlook?
1. To change the default font size in Outlook, select the File tab and click on Options. 2. In the Outlook Options window, select Mail. 3. Under the Compose Messages section, click on the Stationary and Fonts button. 4. In the Font Settings window, select the font size you want to use in the Font size box, and then click OK. 5. To change the default font color in Outlook, select the File tab and click on Options. 6. In the Outlook Options window, select Mail. 7. Under the Compose Messages section, click on the Stationary and Fonts button. 8. In the Font Settings window, select the font color you want to use from the Color box, and then click OK.
Can a police officer refuse a gratuity offered by a cook?
Yes, a police officer can refuse a gratuity offered by a cook. However, it is important to note that while they can refuse the gratuity, they should still thank the person for the offer.
What happens when you move a linked table in access?
When you move a linked table in Access, the link will remain and Access will update the location in the link. Moving a linked table will not affect its structure or data, and the link will remain intact.