How to decommission a data center?

1. Develop a complete plan for the data center’s decommissioning, including assessing hardware and networking infrastructure, identifying any risks or security issues associated with the relocation of the data and determining the means of transportation. 2. Power down the data center and its associated IT equipment, and back up the data to prepare for its transfer. 3. Uninstall and/or remove all software and hardware that will no longer be used. 4. Disconnect and remove any physical network cabling and any unneeded equipment and/or cables. 5. Re-configure the network to ensure that the data center is no longer connected to the network the organization is using. 6. Back-up all the data that is to be sent to the new data center location. 7. Physically transport the equipment to the new data center location (if needed). 8. Re-install the data center equipment at the new data center location. 9. Reconnect the network and run a network check-up to ensure everything is running smoothly. 10.Dispose of any unneeded equipment and any equipment that is no longer viable.
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What name was Taiwan formerly known as?

Taiwan was formerly known as Formosa.

How to farm exalted orbs in path of exile?

1. Run Maps/Delve: Map running is far and away the most efficient way to farm Exalted Orbs. Specifically, you want to focus on running Tier 11-15 maps, as these have the highest concentrate of high tier currency drops including Exalted Orbs. 2. Farm strongboxes: Strongboxes are special chests that have an increased chance of dropping Exalted Orbs, so it’s worth targeting them when running maps. You can identify them by their glowy aura, and they are usually found at the end of corridors or in special rooms away from the main path. 3. Farm Elder/Guardian maps: Elder and Guardian maps have a higher chance of dropping Exalted Orbs, as well as other valuable items and currency. These maps are quite difficult to do solo, so it’s probably best if you join a group for them. 4. Farm reputation in Betrayal Leagues: If you play in a Betrayal League then farming reputation with the Immortal Syndicate can yield some good rewards, including Exalted Orbs. You can learn more about this mechanic here. 5. Do Divination cards: Divination cards are a fun way to farm Exalted Orbs. You can find more information on this here. 6. Complete Missions: As you complete missions in Path of Exile you’ll be rewarded with items, currency, and possibly even an Exalted Orb. So it’s worth doing your daily missions in order to increase your chances of getting an Exalted Orb.

What are the best venture capital newsletters for women?

1. Femstreet - A weekly newsletter on venture capital by fintech expert Julianna Storch 2. SheVC - A venture capital and entrepreneurship newsletter for female founders 3. Maverick VC - A venture capital newsletter for female founders 4. With Her In Tech - Spotlight on female founders and venture capital 5. Digitopia - A VC newsletter for entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators 6. Forbin - A VC newsletter for venture capital and tech industry news 7. FemTech VC - A venture capital newsletter for healthcare and female-focused startups 8. Women Who Venture - A VC newsletter with updates on female-funded startups 9. Women of VC - An email newsletter highlighting deals made by female-led venture capital firms 10. Women Investing in Women - A VC newsletter covering fundraising news and female-led insights


Will ispace complete three lunar lander missions in three years?
No. ispace currently has no plans to complete three lunar lander missions in three years. The company has said that its goal is to launch its first lunar lander mission after it carries out a test flight of its first Hyperion rocket. The earliest possible target launch date for the first lunar lander mission is 2021. ispace is also planning to send its first commercial lunar mission to the moon in 2022, followed by a sample-return mission in 2024.
How do I export files from procreate to iTunes?
1. Open procreate and open the drawing you would like to export. 2. Tap on the Action menu at the top of the page and then tap Export. 3. Select where you would like to export your file to. You can select iTunes if you would like. 4. You will be prompted to enter a file name for the exported file and select a file format. 5. When you are done, tap Export and the file will be saved to the iTunes library on your device.
What is a 30 amp charge controller?
A 30 amp charge controller is a device that works with a solar energy system to regulate the amount of solar energy that is sent to the batteries. The charge controller prevents the batteries from overcharging and allows for the optimal use of the solar energy. It also protects the batteries from surges of energy from other sources, such as the utility grid.
How do I create a J2EE web module deployment profile?
1. Go to Eclipse and create a Dynamic Web Project. 2. Right-click on the project and select Properties. 3. In the Properties window that opens, select the “Deployment Assembly” category. 4. Add the source folders and web deploying artifacts you wish to include in the deployment profile. 5. Select the “J2EE Module Dependencies” option. 6. Add any external libraries you wish to include in the deployment profile. 7. Select the “Modules” option. 8. Enter the name of the J2EE web module you wish to create. 9. Click Apply and then OK. The new deployment profile will now be available in the Eclipse workspace.
How do I scale the content of a node in JavaFX?
In JavaFX you can use a scaling transformation to adjust the size of a node. The scaling transformations can be applied using the setScaleX() and setScaleY() methods on the node instance. For example, the following code will scale the width and height of a node by 0.5: node.setScaleX(0.5); node.setScaleY(0.5);
How did the tiger mosquito get to Texas?
The tiger mosquito is believed to have arrived in the United States sometime in 1986 in a shipment of used tires from Asia. It likely hitched a ride along the East Coast, eventually making its way to Texas. The species is thought to have become firmly established in Texas by the early 1990s.