How many students appear in the JEE Advanced every year?

There is no fixed number of students appearing in the JEE Advanced every year. The number of students who appear can range from 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh depending on the year.
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How do I know if my Mac has a silicon CPU?

You can find out if your Mac has a silicon CPU by opening System Information from the About This Mac menu item. In the System Information window, click on “System Report” and then in the Hardware Overview section, it will specify which processor your Mac has.

How to choose the perfect white wine?

1. Consider the type of food you’re pairing the wine with. White wines go best with lighter foods such as white fish, poultry, salads, and other dishes that are lightly seasoned. Determine what type of white wine would complement the menu you’re serving. 2. Consider the types of flavors you enjoy. Do you like wines with a citrusy flavor? Look for Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling. Do you prefer a more floral taste? Look for Pinot Grigio or a Gewürztraminer. 3. Consider the occasion. Are you looking for an aperitif or a digestive? A sweet wine is good for the first course and a drier wine is better served after dinner. 4. Consider your budget. You can find quality wines at all price points; however, the cost of white wines can range greatly. Consider how much you want to spend before you go shopping. 5. Try before you buy. The only surefire way to find out if you’ve made the right choice is to test it first. If your local wine shop hosts tastings, take advantage and sample a variety of whites in a controlled setting.

What temperature do you bake a fruit pie at?

For best results, bake a fruit pie at 375°F for approximately 45 minutes.


What temperature should I set my air conditioner in summer?
The ideal temperature for air conditioning during the summer is around 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25.5 degrees Celsius).
How to lock or unlock cells in Excel or a protected worksheet?
1. To lock a cell or range of cells: - Select the cells you want to lock. - Go to the Format tab. - Click the 'Protection' button on the ribbon. - Check the box next to 'Lock Cells'. 2. To unlock a cell or range of cells: - Select the cells you want to unlock. - Go to the Format tab. - Click the 'Protection' button on the ribbon. - Uncheck the box next to 'Lock Cells'.
What are the different Vue mobile frameworks?
1. Quasar: A high-performance, responsive Vue.js Mobile UI FrameWork 2. Weex: A framework for building cross-platform solutions with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 3. Framework7: A powerful mobile HTML development framework 4. NativeScript: A native mobile app development framework 5. Onsen UI: Responsive mobile UI components with HTML5 and JavaScript 6. Ionic: A cross-platform mobile app development platform 7. React-Native: React Native for building native mobile app using JavaScript and React 8. Vuetify: Material Component Framework for Vue.js
What does a cloud computing specialist do?
A cloud computing specialist is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing a company’s cloud computing solution(s). They must understand client requirements and design a comprehensive strategy for the cloud infrastructure based on the business objectives. The cloud computing specialist must manage the cloud infrastructure, configure systems and services, perform system monitoring and maintenance, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. They must also oversee the security of the systems and ensure that data is being properly stored and managed according to company policies. The cloud computing specialist must also develop policies and processes in line with the company’s business objectives. Finally, they must remain up to date on industry trends and best practices related to cloud computing.
What is a transistor's emitter?
The emitter of a transistor is the part of the transistor that functions like a negatively charged electrode and allows current to leave the transistor. It is controlled by the base and connected to the collector.
What are the advantages of cloud Source repositories?
1. Cost Savings: Cloud source repositories can be both free and extremely cost effective compared to traditional hosting options. 2. Increased Collaboration: Collaboration features such as code review, pull requests and code comments give developers more ways to interact and facilitate real-time edits. 3. Easier Deployment: Cloud repositories provide teams with an effective way to manage their source code and allow for easy deployment and rollbacks when needed. 4. Centralized Source Control: Cloud repositories offer a single source of truth for your source code, allowing developers to quickly identify where their code is located. 5. Security: Cloud providers such as GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab provide end-to-end encryption and stringent security protocols to keep your code safe. 6. Flexibility: Cloud repositories offer a lot of flexibility in terms of platform and language support, as well as integration with other services (such as CI/CD pipelines). 7. Scalability: Cloud repositories are highly scalable and capable of handling large repositories and teams.