Can you get a macro virus on a Mac?

No, as of now there have been no known cases of a Mac being infected with a macro virus. However, Macs can still be vulnerable to other types of malware and viruses, including ransomware and Trojans. It is still important to use appropriate antivirus and anti-malware software even if you are using a Mac.
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What is the cost of Adobe Acrobat DC?

The cost of Adobe Acrobat DC varies depending on the plan you choose. The full version of Acrobat DC Pro is available for $14.99/month. Other plans, such as Acrobat Standard is available for $12.99/month, while the Acrobat DC subscription, which includes access to the Acrobat Desktop and Mobile apps, is available for $19.99/month.

Does financial aid pay for certificate programs?

It depends. Some certificate programs may be eligible for federal student aid such as grants, loans, and work-study. Private institutions may also offer private student loans for certificate programs. Students should contact their particular school for details about financial aid for certificate programs.

What awards did The Hunger Games win?

The Hunger Games won numerous awards, including: * Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films - Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Film (2012) * Academy Awards, USA - Nominated for Best Movie - Sci-Fi/Fantasy (2012) * Alliance of Women Film Journalists - EDA Award for Best Action/Adventure/Thriller Film (2012) * Golden Schmoes Awards - Favorite Movie of the Year (2012) * MTV Movie & TV Awards - Best Male Performance (Josh Hutcherson, 2012) * People's Choice Awards - Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie (2012) * Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards - Best Acting Ensemble (2012) * Teen Choice Awards - Choice Movie: Sci-Fi/Fantasy (2012) * MTV Movie Awards - Best Male Performance (Josh Hutcherson, 2013) * Saturn Awards - Best Performance by a Younger Actor (2013, Jennifer Lawrence)


Will I be charged a fee if I exceed my credit limit?
It depends on your specific credit card. Some credit cards charge an over-limit fee if you exceed your credit limit; others may decline your transaction. You should check with your credit card company to find out their specific fee policies.
Is the magnetic field flip about to happen again?
It is not possible to predict when the Earth's magnetic field might flip. Scientists believe that the intervals between magnetic field reversals vary from a few thousand to tens of millions of years, so it is impossible to know when - or if - the magnetic field flip will occur again.
Who are some famous people who won an Oscar for writing?
1. Charles B.Welch, for writing his adapted screenplay "Marty" 2. Horton Foote, for writing his adapted screenplay "Tender Mercies" 3. Diablo Cody, for writing her original screenplay "Juno" 4. Callie Khouri, for writing her original screenplay "Thelma & Louise" 5. Alan Ball, for writing his original screenplay "American Beauty" 6. Emma Thompson, for writing her adapted screenplay "Sense and Sensibility" 7. Larry McMurtry, for writing his adapted screenplay "Brokeback Mountain" 8. Alan Bergman, for writing his original song “The Windmills of Your Mind” from the film “The Thomas Crown Affair” 9. J. J. Abrams, for writing his original screenplay "Argo" 10. Spike Jonze, for writing his original screenplay "Her"
How to fix broken links on your website?
1. Monitor your website regularly to identify broken links. This can be done manually or by employing a web monitoring tool such as Google Webmaster Tools. 2. Download LinkChecker to detect any broken links. 3. Once you have identified a broken link, attempt to locate the original source of the link. If the link was an internal link, you can update it to a new working link. 4. If the link was from an external source, you can contact that source and ask them to update their link with a working link. 5. Make sure to update the broken link text to match that of the new link. 6. Use 301 redirects for any pages with broken links and direct them to the new page with a working link. 7. Finally, test all updated links to ensure they are working.
how do i know my iphone
You can check your iPhone warranty by logging into your Apple ID on the official Apple website. Once logged in, select “Settings”, then “Manage My Apple ID” and look for the “Product Registration” option. From there you can see the full details of your warranty, including the start date, length, and expiration date.To find out how old your iPhone is, you can check the serial number in the Settings app. Open the Settings app, tap “General”, then “About”, and then “Serial Number”. The first two characters of the serial number will indicate the year your iPhone was made. For example, if the serial number begins with "F4", it was made in 2014.It is difficult to provide an exact number of iPhone users since Apple does not publicly disclose the total number of iPhone users. However, Apple reported that in the fourth quarter of 2020, it had 1.65 billion active Apple devices, most of which are believed to be iPhones.Your iPhone's International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a unique 15-digit number that identifies your device. You can find your iPhone's IMEI number by clicking on the Settings app and going to General > About. The IMEI number will be displayed near the bottom of the page. You can also dial *#06# on your iPhone to get the IMEI number.
What is a facility permit?
A facility permit is an official document from a governmental office authorizing a company or individual to install or use a specific kind of facility in an area. The document may include usage conditions, zoning regulations, safety procedures, and specific restrictions. Facility permits are typically issued for construction projects, events, power plants, manufacturing plants, and other types of large-scale operations.