What is the average salary at IIT Bombay?

The average salary of IIT Bombay placements in 2020 was approximately INR 12 lakh per annum.
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What is referential integrity constraint?

Referential integrity (RI) is an integrity constraint used in databases to ensure relationships between tables remain consistent. It requires that you not enter values in a foreign key column if there is no corresponding value in the primary key of the referenced table. It also requires that you delete or update any referenced records in the other table when deleting or updating the primary key. This maintains the consistency of the data and helps ensure the accuracy of the data.

What are the different approaches to modify microorganisms genetically for bioremediation?

1. Transformation: This is the most common approach used to modify microorganisms for bioremediation. It involves using a recombinant vector to transfer genes into the DNA of target cells. 2. Conjugation: This is a process of genetic exchange between two or more bacteria. This method is used to transfer specific genes or gene sets into the target cell. 3. Electroporation: This method involves an electrical pulse to create pores in the cell membrane that allow for genetic material to be taken up by the target cell. 4. Crispr/Cas9: This is a technique to edit genes selectively and precisely. It involves using a guide RNA molecule to cut and modify genes with a DNA-altering enzyme. 5. Phage/Bacteriophage Vector System: This approach uses a virus to transfer genetic material into the target cells. The gene transfer is achieved by packaging the desired genetic material into the virus and then introducing the virus into the target cell where it will unpack the genetic material.

What happens when you flip the electromagnet on a motor?

When an electromagnet on a motor is flipped, the current flow is reversed and the polarity of the electromagnet is switched. As a result, the motor will begin spinning in the opposite direction than it was previously spinning.


What is the subject matter of a trust?
The subject matter of a trust is the assets or property that it holds. These assets or property can include money, investments, real estate, and other types of assets. The trust can be set up by an individual or a corporation to provide benefits to others or to accomplish certain objectives such as taxation or succession planning.
What are activating and inhibitory FCRs?
Activating FCRs (facial expression-cognition relations) are Facial Action Coding System (FACS) codes that link facial expressions to cognitive functions. For example, a serious face may indicate an individual is paying attention or concentrating on something. Inhibitory FCRs are FACS codes that represent facial expressions that indicate an individual is suppressing a particular emotion or thought. For example, an individual may express a “lockjaw” expression to suppress a negative emotion.
How do mergers and acquisitions affect organizational consistency?
Mergers and acquisitions can have an effect on organizational consistency in positive and negative ways. On one hand, they can create a larger, more unified entity with access to new resources and a renewed ability to compete in the marketplace. On the other hand, they can also cause fragmentation and inconsistency as the two organizations’ cultures combine or merge. This inconsistency can lead to significant losses in productivity and decreased morale for employees. It can also cause major shifts in strategy and disrupt long-term organizational goals. If the integration process is managed properly, however, mergers and acquisitions can create a stronger, more unified organization with greater consistency.
How do I publish a swift package to Xcode?
1. Create your package in Xcode: Select File > New > Swift Package. 2. Select the package type you want to create (e.g. Library, Executable, etc.). 3. If you want to add additional source files to the package, do so now. 4. Select File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency… and select the version of the package you want to use. 5. Select File > Swift Packages > Generate Xcode Project. 6. Select File > Swift Packages > Update to Latest Package Versions to make sure you have the most up-to-date version before you publish. 7. Select File > Swift Packages > Package Validation to make sure all is good. 8. Select File > Swift Packages > Publish Package.
What are data types in UML diagrams?
Data types in UML diagrams are used to model various data elements and how they interact with other elements in the model. They include primitive types such as boolean, string, and number, as well as more complex types such as enumeration and association. Data types define the type of information that can be stored in the system or passed between components. They also describe how the data should be formatted, stored and retrieved.
How do I view data collection on my Xbox One?
Data collection on Xbox One can be viewed using the Privacy Settings. To access this, you will need to select the Settings option on the Home screen, and then choose Privacy. From there, you can choose Data Collection & Analysis to view all the data your Xbox collects and sends to Microsoft. You can also view the data usage report to see how much data your console is using.