How to prepare an AI file for after effects?

1. Save your AI file as a layered PSD file. 2. Open the PSD file in Adobe Photoshop. 3. Export each layer of the PSD file as separate PNG or TIFF files. 4. Open Adobe After Effects. 5. Create a new composition in After Effects and import your PNG or TIFF files. 6. Make sure your composition settings match the dimensions and resolution of your source files. 7. Position and animate each layer individually. 8. Add any effects or transitions you need. 9. Export your composition as an After Effects project.
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How does BigQuery partition data by ingestion time?

BigQuery partitions data by ingestion time using a process called “partitioned tables”. This process organizes data ingested at different points in time into separate tables or ‘’partitions’’ within a single table. Each partition is identified by the ingestion time or a time period. By default, BigQuery creates a partition for every day that data is ingested into the table. Data can also be partitioned by hour, week, month, or custom ranges. BigQuery allows users to use partitioned tables to improve query performance and decrease data storage costs by only querying the relevant partitions. Partitioned tables can also be used to create a history of changes to the data.

What is the best video console?

The "best" video console is a subjective opinion and ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some of the most popular console options available today include the Sony Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

how to clear your dns cache

1. Press the Windows key + X to open the Quick Access menu. 2. Select Command Prompt (Admin). 3. Type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter. 4. A message saying "Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache" should appear. 5. Type ipconfig /registerdns and press Enter. 6. A message saying "Registration of the DNS resource records was successful" should appear. 7. Close the Command Prompt.


Are you getting too much radiation exposure from tests?
No. The amount of radiation from most medical tests is small and not harmful. You may receive more radiation from natural sources, such as the sun or certain rocks, than from a medical test. However, if you have any specific concerns about radiation exposure, you should speak with your doctor.
Why should you choose China for MBBS?
1. Low tuition fees: The tuition fees for MBBS in China are comparatively lower than other countries. As compared to many other countries, China offers very low tuition fees for MBBS. 2. Quality education: China has some of the best medical schools in the world. All the universities follow international standards of teaching and research, and they also have excellent reputation in global medical research. 3. Job growth: With a degree from a China medical school, there is a better chance of getting a job in China as well as other countries. The Chinese government also offers attractive job placement packages to medical graduates. 4. Modern medical equipment: The modern medical facilities and equipped laboratories in China provide an ideal environment for learning. The world-class medical instruments and advanced technology used in China ensure effective teaching and learning. 5. Safe environment: China is considered to be a safe place to study. The cities and universities of China ensure the safety of its students. The cities are well monitored and the security measures are in place.
What is the difference between clicky and linear switches?
Clicky switches produce a louder, more pronounced “click” sound when actuated, while linear switches produce a smoother and quieter keypress.
What are the permit entries in the IPv6 access list?
1. permit icmp any any 2. permit ipv6 host 2001:db8::1 any 3. permit ipv6 2001:db8::/32 fe80::/10 4. permit tcp any eq 443 2001:db8::/32 5. permit udp fe80::/10 any eq 123 6. permit ipv6 any fd00::/8 eq 8080
How to check Aadhaar update request status?
To check the status of your Aadhaar update request (including changes in address, name, etc.), you can visit the UIDAI website ( On the homepage, click on the ‘Aadhaar Update’ tab and select ‘Check Update Status’. You will then be able to enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number and the URN (update request number) from your Aadhaar update request acknowledgement. You will then be shown the status of your update request.
How to protect your company and customers during your email marketing efforts?
1. Obtain permission before sending emails: It is essential to obtain permission before sending out emails, whether it's a one-time request or an ongoing opt-in process. Make sure your opt-in forms are consistent, concise, and compliant with any applicable laws. 2. Use double opt-in whenever possible: Double opt-in processes help to ensure customers actually want to receive your emails. This means they will need to confirm their subscription or initial request a second time, usually through an email. 3. Refrain from using deceptive subject lines: Make sure your email subject lines accurately and honestly reflect what is contained in the email and don't use “clickbait” phrases that could be misleading. 4. Keep personal data secure: Make sure your email campaigns are GDPR compliant by adhering to principles such as only collecting essential information from customers and not sharing their data with third-party companies. 5. Monitor email activity: Carefully monitor email activity, including unsubscribe rates, complaints from customers, and responses from users who report your emails as spam. 6. Send segmented and personalized emails: Segmenting your email list and personalizing content for each segment, helps you to better target those customers who have indicated an interest in your products or services.