Why did the Raj move its capital from Calcutta to Delhi?

The primary reason for the British Raj to move its capital from Calcutta to Delhi was to be closer to the core areas of their direct control, located in Punjab and other northern regions. Delhi had been a seat of Mughal power and a crossroads for much of India’s trade and culture, making it an ideal site from which to govern. Additionally, the tropical climate of Calcutta was seen as a health risk and so the move to the dry, moderate climate of Delhi was deemed a beneficial change.
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What are the advantages of a procedural language?

1. Procedural languages are easier to learn than other programming languages. 2. They are structured, making it easy to debug and modify code. 3. Procedural code is faster to execute than other programming languages. 4. It utilizes top-down programming which is easier to understand and simpler to analyze and maintain. 5. It is more focused on processing and computing data than other programming languages. 6. It allows to develop a variety of applications quickly and easily, since the same code can be used repeatedly. 7. Procedural languages are more concise than other programming languages. 8. It provides direct access to the individual functions, which is not offered by other programming languages.

What are the components of a process map?

1. Process Steps: Each step in the process should be described in a way that is easily understood by employees and customers alike. 2. Start and End Points: Clearly define the beginning and end points of the process as well as any places within the process where decisions must be made. 3. Inputs and Outputs: List the input and output at each step in the process, as well as any resources needed. This will help identify potential areas that can be streamlined or automated. 4. Decision Points: Decision points within a process map should describe when a decision needs to be made, what options are available, and any criteria needed to make the decision. 5. Timelines: Estimate the time required to complete each step within the process. This will help calculate the overall time needed for completing the process and help identify areas that could reduce the overall timeline. 6. Relationships: Define how the process interacts with other related processes. This will help identify any areas of overlap or any gaps that should be filled.

What can you substitute for butter in baking cookies?

Alternatives to butter that can be used for baking cookies include vegetable oil, nut butter, applesauce, yogurt, mashed banana, or even silken tofu.


What is enterprise data warehouse (EDW)?
An enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is a repository that stores an organization’s enterprise data which is used to support business analytics, reporting and decision-making. An EDW can contain a variety of data such as customer, supplier and product data as well as financial, operational and management data. It is an integral part of an organization's business intelligence infrastructure. The EDW is used to provide a single version of the truth for enterprise data used within an organization.
How to recover P from wastewater streams?
There are a number of treatments that can be used to recover P from wastewater streams. The most common approaches involve chemical precipitation and reverse osmosis. In chemical precipitation, P is precipitated out of the wastewater stream and collected from the bottom of the tank. Reverse osmosis is a membrane filtration process where dissolved P is rejected by the membrane, allowing filtrate to be discharged and the concentrated wastewater stream to be recovered. Another option is adsorption, where P is removed from the wastewater stream by adsorbing it onto a medium such as iron oxide or activated carbon. Finally, biological processes such as anaerobic and aerobic digestion can metabolize P and other pollutants in wastewater streams and produce a nutrient solution that can be further purified and recovered.
How to install ProFTPD on CentOS?
1.Run the following command to install ProFTPD: yum install proftpd 2.Configure ProFTPD. Edit the /etc/proftpd.conf configuration file and set the desired options. 3.Start the ProFTPD service: service proftpd start 4. Enable ProFTPD at startup The last step is to make sure that the ProFTPD service is started at boot time. To do this type the following command: chkconfig --level 345 proftpd on Now your ProFTPD server is installed and running.
What happens when you wait to place a bid?
When you wait to place a bid, you give the other bidders a chance to place bids that are higher than yours. If you wait too long and the item's ending time is approaching, you may not have enough time to wait and make a bid before the item's auction ends. Therefore, it is important to monitor the item you are bidding on and make sure to place your bid at a point when it is most likely to win.
How to push angular app to GitHub?
1. Create a new repository on GitHub with an appropriate name for the application. 2. Initialize a new Git repository on your local machine. 3. Add your application files (including the angular.json file and the src folder) to the newly-created repository with the git add command. 4. Commit your changes to the repository with the git commit command. 5. Push the changes to your GitHub repository with the git push command. 6. Finally, configure your application in the settings of the repository on GitHub, such as project name, description, and homepage.