How do I create a listener for Oracle Database?

You can create a listener for an Oracle Database using the Listener Control Utility (lsnrctl). The lsnrctl utility is used to start, stop, diagnose, and configure the listener. To create a listener, use the lsnrctl command with create subcommand: lsnrctl> create Listener created. To start the newly created listener, use the lsnrctl command with the start subcommand: lsnrctl> start Listenerstarted.
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How to merge two/multiple iCloud accounts into one?

Unfortunately, merging two or more iCloud accounts into one account is not currently possible. You’ll need to use two or more accounts if you wish to have separate calendars, documents, notes, etc. However, you can access data from multiple iCloud accounts on one device. To do so, on your iOS device, go to Settings, iCloud, and Sign In. From there you can sign in to an additional iCloud account. On your Mac, go to System Preferences, iCloud, and Sign In with an additional iCloud account. You’ll then be able to access data from the additional account.

How do autonomous areas differ from federal units and independent states?

Autonomous areas are distinct regions or nation-states that are associated with or part of a larger state, nation or federation, yet are bestowed with a limited amount of independence or self-governance. Unlike federal units, autonomous areas are not divided up into smaller regional entities, and instead rely on their own governance structure. Autonomous areas can have various degrees of autonomy, from being subservient to the larger state to having full sovereignty. Unlike independent states, autonomous areas are still officially a part of a larger entity. They have their own laws and regulations, which must be approved by the larger governing body.

How do I choose the best katana?

The best katana depends on your purpose and budget. If you’re looking for a top quality katana for martial arts practice or display, you’ll want to look at a variety of factors including the material, the blade shape, and the quality of the fittings and construction. You should also research the reputation of the maker and get advice from experienced katana owners before making a purchase. For general, everyday use, there are many options available at a variety of price points that may fit your needs.


How do I hide a conversation on WhatsApp?
1. Open the WhatsApp conversation you want to hide. 2. Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner. 3. Tap on 'More'. 4. Select 'Archive'. 5. The conversation will be moved to the archives and will no longer appear in your main chats screen.
Why are employees afraid to disclose their side hustles?
Employees may be afraid to disclose their side hustles for fear of facing repercussions from their employers. Many employers have policies about outside work and other conflicts of interest that could be violated if an employee has a side hustle. Unfortunately, some employers may view side hustles as a form of dishonesty or as an indication that the employee isn't fully committed to their job. Employees may also worry that revealing their side hustle could lead to dismissal or other negative evaluations.
How do you store cookies separately?
You can store cookies separately by following these steps: 1. Place the cookies in an airtight container lined with wax paper or parchment paper. 2. Place the lid on the container and make sure it’s sealed tightly. 3. Mark the outside of the container with the type of cookies stored inside. 4. If storing cookies for a longer period of time, consider freezing them in a sealed plastic bag. 5. Place the cookies away from any strong-smelling foods to prevent them from absorbing odors. 6. When ready to eat, allow the cookies to thaw to room temperature before serving.
What is the US Rugby Foundation?
The US Rugby Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that’s dedicated to promoting, protecting and growing the sport of rugby in the United States. Founded in 1975, the US Rugby Foundation is the largest group of rugby organizations and individuals focused on growing the sport in the U.S. The US Rugby Foundation’s programs and initiatives include the development of referees, coaches and players, the awarding of scholarships and grants to players and the sponsoring of events and programs to reach communities around the nation. It also works with other rugby governing bodies to advance its mission.
What is a convolutional autoencoder?
A convolutional autoencoder is a type of neural network architecture that combines convolutional layers with autoencoders to compress an input image into a coded representation. In the training phase, the convolutional autoencoder learns to reduce the number of convolutional filters, thereby compressing the input image. During the encoding step, the image is encoded by a few, low-dimensional layers that capture the key features of the image while maintaining its original shape. The decoder, then reconstructs the image using the encoded representation. Convolutional autoencoders are often used for data compression, denoising, and unsupervised representation learning.
How many Star Wars video games are in development?
At this time, it is unknown how many Star Wars video games are in development. The most recent Star Wars titles include Star Wars: Squadrons, Star Wars: Battlefront II, and Jedi: Fallen Order, which were all released in the past few years. However, many other games are rumored to be in the works, including a new open-world RPG.