How to check if user input is a string or number in Python?

You can use the type() function to check if the user input is a string or an integer. For example, if the user input is a string, use type() to check if the user input is a string: if type(user_input) == str: print("The user input is a string") If the user input is an integer, use type() to check if the user input is an integer: if type(user_input) == int: print("The user input is an integer")
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What is IES (Indian engineering services)?

The Indian Engineering Services (IES) are an organized group of technical civil servants giving engineering and technical services to the Indian government. These services are filled through the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination, commonly referred to as the Engineering Services Examination (ESE). Successful candidates in the examination are appointed by the government to various posts such as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics & Communications engineering services.

What military bases are in the United States?

1. U.S. Army bases: Fort Bragg (NC), Fort Hood (TX), Fort Campbell (KY), Fort Drum (NY), Fort Knox (KY), Fort Benning (GA), Fort Riley (KS), Fort Stewart (GA), Fort Lee (VA), Fort Bliss (TX). 2. U.S. Navy bases: Naval Station Norfolk (VA), Naval Annex Washington D.C, Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay (GA), Naval Station Mayport (FL), Naval Air Station Pensacola (FL), Naval Air Station Lemoore (CA). 3. U.S. Air Force bases: Lackland Air Force Base (TX), Luke Air Force Base (AZ), Holloman Air Force Base (NM), Joint Base San Antonio (TX), Eglin Air Force Base (FL), Randolph Air Force Base (TX), Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (AZ). 4. U.S. Marine Corps bases: Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune (NC), Marine Corps Air Station New River (NC), Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni (Japan), Marine Corps Air Station Yuma (AZ), Marine Corps Air Station Miramar (CA). 5. U.S. Coast Guard bases: CG Station Kodiak (AK), CG Station Honolulu (HI), CG Station Elizabeth City (NC), CG Station St. Petersburg (FL).

When is the call of Duty Black Ops Cold War beta?

The Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War beta will begin on October 8th for PS4, October 15th for Xbox One and PC, and for the second week of testing, October 15th for PS4, October 22nd for Xbox One, and October 29th for PC.


What happens to a player's stack as the blinds increase?
As the blinds increase, a player's stack size will decrease quicker than normal as they'll need to put in more money to stay in the hand. This makes it harder for them to play big pots and wait for the right spot to make a move. Players must then adjust their strategy in order to survive when the blinds are increasing, such as being more selective with which hands they play and being ready to fold if they do not hit their flop.
What is a statistical data warehouse?
A statistical data warehouse is a type of data warehouse that stores and manages data from various sources for use in statistical analyses and modeling. These data warehouses may include data from multiple sources, such as customer surveys, market research, and financial transactions, that can be analyzed to understand customer behavior, identify market trends, and develop predictive models.
Can an exploit kit Infect your computer?
Yes, an exploit kit can infect your computer if you visit a website compromised by attackers who may have used the exploit kit. The attackers can then deploy malicious code from the exploit kit onto your device remotely, potentially enabling them to gain total control of your system, steal data, or install additional malware.No, computer exploits are not always considered malware. While some exploits are used in the creation of malicious software like viruses, worms, and Trojans, not all exploits are created with malicious intent. Some exploits are used for legitimate research and testing purposes.Exploits are software that takes advantage of technical vulnerabilities to gain control of a system. They are a type of malicious code that takes advantage of security flaws in computer system code to allow the user of the exploit to gain unauthorized access to computers or networks. Exploits can be used to perform various activities such as stealing data, executing code, inserting backdoors and changing configurations. Exploits work by either sending a malicious command or piece of code to a vulnerable system or taking advantage of a system’s faulty setup, allowing the malicious code to be executed by the system..No, exploit kits are not safe. Exploit kits are malicious programs that are designed to take advantage of known software vulnerabilities in order to gain access to an organization’s network and steal data or hijack systems.
Why does my mouse stay on when I turn it off?
If your mouse has auto power-on capability enabled, it will power on again when it detects a change in its environment, such as a change in USB connection, a PC wake from sleep mode, etc. Check your mouse manufacturer’s website for instructions on disabling the auto power-on feature.
What should I wear to Apple Holler?
Apple Holler is a family-friendly activities and entertainment venue, so be sure to dress comfortably. You'll want to wear clothes that are weather-appropriate for whatever season you are visiting. Neat casual dress is appropriate for all of the family-friendly activities Apple Holler offers.
What fixes atmospheric nitrogen?
Atmospheric nitrogen is fixed by a process called nitrogen fixation, which is carried out by certain types of bacteria, such as Rhizobia and Azotobacter. Some lightning strikes and forest fires also contribute to the process.