How many courses does IIT Bombay offer?

IIT Bombay offers over 130 courses across various disciplines.
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Is Babae systems a US company?

No, Babae Systems is an online store based in Singapore.

Can deep learning be used for semi-automated unidirectional CT measurement of lung lesions?

Yes, deep learning can be used for semi-automated unidirectional CT measurement of lung lesions. In fact, deep learning algorithms have been used to develop automated systems for accurately measuring changes in lung nodule size. Additionally, deep learning can be used for lesion segmentation, enhancing he accuracy of the automated measurements.

What causes sagittal craniosynostosis in infants?

Sagittal craniosynostosis in infants typically occurs as a result of a genetic mutation that affects the development of the skull bones, typically in the first trimester of pregnancy. In some cases, the cause of the abnormality may not be known and may be the result of a combination of genetic and environmental factors.


How to change the value of an element in JavaScript?
You can change the value of an element in JavaScript by using the following code syntax: element.innerHTML = newValue; For example, if you wanted to change an element on your page with an ID of "myDiv": document.getElementById("myDiv").innerHTML = "My new value";
what laptop is
There are many good laptops for gaming, but some of the more popular models include the Razer Blade 14, Acer Predator Helios 300, Dell G5, MSI GL65 9SC-066 and Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701.
What do red roses symbolize in Greek mythology?
In Greek mythology, red roses are often seen as a symbol of love, passion, and beauty. The goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was said to have created a rose when she shed a single tear from the death of her beloved Adonis.
What are the benefits of migrating SQL database to Azure cloud?
1. Increased Scalability: Azure's cloud platform gives you access to a vast network of computing resources, meaning that you can quickly and easily scale up and down to meet your needs. 2. Greater Security: SQL databases stored in Azure cloud benefit from built-in security features like encryption and managed framework that can prevent data breaches. 3. High Availability: Azure cloud ensures high availability of SQL databases, with almost 99.9% uptime SLAs and built-in backup and recovery for databases. 4. Cost Management: Azure cloud allows you to pay for resources and services on an as-needed basis, so you don't have to pay for hardware that you don't need. 5. Reduce Complexity: With managed services, such as Azure's SQL Database managed instance, you can easily deploy and configure your databases on Azure cloud with just a few clicks.1. Automated data replication: An efficient and cost-effective way to keep multiple databases updated with the same exact data without having to write any code. 2. Data security: Data is securely synchronized across databases through encryption. 3. Great scalability: Azure SQL Data Sync can scale to high data volumes, so organizations can easily scale alongside their growth. 4. Easy troubleshooting and synchronization insights: Through Azure portal users can view the status of synchronized databases and troubleshoot any issues quickly and efficiently. 5. Conflict resolution: Automatically detects and resolves any conflicts that may arise during synchronization. 6. Cost savings: Can help businesses achieve cost savings due to its efficiency in data replication and synchronization.You can migrate the following versions of Microsoft SQL Server to Azure Cloud: • SQL Server 2008 • SQL Server 2008 R2 • SQL Server 2012 • SQL Server 2014 • SQL Server 2016 • SQL Server 2017 • SQL Server 2019
Why is alignment management important for leadership?
Alignment management is important for leadership because it enables leaders to align their organization’s goals, strategies, and people to achieve success. Leadership teams need to be aligned in order to work together effectively. Strategic alignment helps leaders focus on executing the right initiatives at the right time and in the right way. It also helps identify any misalignment among teams that may be causing organizational bottlenecks or gaps in performance. Alignment management also encourages collaboration, increases morale, and strengthens communication, which are all essential for successful leadership.