how to install itunes on windows 10

1. Launch your web browser, type in and hit Enter on your keyboard. 2. Click the Download Now button. 3. If prompted, click Run. 4. Follow the instructions in the installer. 5. When prompted, click Accept. 6. Click Install. 7. When the installation is complete, click Finish. 8. Launch iTunes from your desktop or the Start menu.
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What is considered standard anatomical position?

Standard anatomical position is a position in which the body is standing upright, with the feet pointing forward and the arms down at the sides with the palms facing forward. The head is facing forward and the eyes are looking straight ahead.

How can data scientists add value to businesses?

Data scientists can add tremendous value to businesses by enabling more data-driven decision making across their operations. Through data analysis, data scientists can provide insights on the market landscape, customer segmentation, product and services optimization, pricing, marketing and advertising effectiveness, product innovations, and more. Data scientists can also help drive operational efficiencies such as detecting fraudulent transactions, process optimization, and reducing machine downtime. In conclusion, data scientists can provide any business with invaluable insights, helping them make better decisions, reduce risk, and improve operational performance.


What are the eligibility criteria for NIT Trichy PhD program?
The eligibility criteria for a PhD program at NIT Trichy are: 1. A Master‟s degree in Engineering / Technology in relevant discipline with minimum of 60% marks (CGPA 6.5 on 10.0 point scale)/ 55% marks (CGPA 6.0 on 10.0 point scale) in case of SC/ST/PH category. 2. A valid score in GATE or any other qualifying exams approved by the institute. 3. A Minimum Cumulative Performance Index (CPI/CGPA) of 6.5 on 10.0 Point scale or 60% of marks in case of SC/ST/PH category in the qualifying degree with valid GATE Score or any other qualifying exams approved by the institute. 4. Applicant should have valid score in UGC/CSIR-NET-JRF or any other National Level Test/ Fellowship as per institute norms. 5. Admission is based on the entrance test conducted by the institute as per MoM approved by the senate and admission committee.
How do I mute notifications on Twitter?
1. Click the drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner of your profile. 2. Select Settings and privacy from the list. 3. Click Notifications. 4. Select the All notifications tab. 5. Scroll down to the Account notifications heading. 6. Check the box next to Muted. 7. Select either “Forever” or “For 1 week” to finish.
How does monolithic affect the size of the operating system?
The size of a monolithic operating system is typically larger than other types of operating systems because all of the components are tightly integrated and are stored together in a single image file. This means that all of the components (e.g., the kernel, memory management, device drivers, processes, etc.) are embedded into the same memory area, which increases the amount of storage space the OS takes up.
Why do you need a UPS backup system?
A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) backup system is important for computer hardware, home electronics and business data centers as it provides emergency power when an unexpected power outage occurs. It provides protection from power surges, brownouts, and other power issues that can cause damage, data loss, and downtime. A UPS backup system also helps ensure any essential data is stored, preventing any disruption and lost business due to system failure.
What are toucan crossing rules?
1. Pedestrians should push the release button and wait for the green light before crossing the road. 2. When the green light comes on, they must look left and right to make sure the road is clear before crossing. 3. Cyclists have right of way over pedestrians and should ride at a steady speed. 4. Motorists should wait for pedestrians and cyclists to cross before proceeding. 5. Drivers must yield to pedestrians and cyclists who have begun to cross. 6. Motorists should not overtake a cyclist or pedestrian who is on the crossing.
Why do garden plants need to be protected from the elements?
Garden plants need to be protected from the elements to keep them healthy and maximise their ability to flourish. Extreme winds, heavy rains, intense heat, and even snow can damage plants and lead to their death. Protective elements such as shade netting and wind breaks will help to shield plants from these conditions, allowing them to survive and thrive.