What was the capital of West Bengal after independence?

Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) has been the capital of West Bengal since the state's creation in 1947 upon India's independence.
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Does ds4windows add input lag?

No, DS4Windows adds no additional input lag. Depending on your PC specs, other settings and programs active in the background, there may be some latency when playing on PC, but DS4Windows will not add any additional input lag.

How do you change the pH of Rose soil?

To change the pH of rose soil, you need to add materials that are either acidic or alkaline to the soil to raise or lower the pH level, respectively. For acidic soil, add materials such as sulfur, aluminum sulfate, pine needles, or peat moss. For alkaline soil, add materials such as lime, wood ashes, or crushed marble. You should also test the soil periodically to make sure the pH is balanced.

Is there a Dex keyboard for Android?

Yes, there are a few Dex keyboards for Android, including: Swiftkey, Fleksy, TouchPal, and Gboard.


What are the considerations for application of Biotechnology in waste treatment?
1. Cost efficiency: Biotechnology waste treatment processes can involve considerable startup and operational costs. 2. Availability of resources: To conduct specific biotechnological processes, certain resources such as water, raw materials, energy, and skilled personnel may be required. 3. Environment: Biotechnology processes are designed to reduce environmental impacts while treating waste, however they may have some environmental consequences of their own, such as nutrient discharge and energy consumption. 4. Regulations: Local, state, and federal regulations need to be considered when designing, engineering, and operating biotechnological waste treatment processes. 5. Performance: Different biotechnological processes have different levels of performance in treating a given type of waste. The characteristics of the waste should be considered to determine the best treatment option. 6. Scale: The scale of the biotechnological process should match the nature and size of the waste to be treated.
Does the Zappos Theatre have a VIP table?
No, the Zappos Theatre in Las Vegas does not have a VIP table.
Can you use virtual reality without a headset?
No, you cannot use virtual reality without a headset. Virtual reality headsets are necessary to display the virtual environment and provide the user with an immersive experience.
How to turn off CCTV security camera?
Most CCTV security cameras can be turned off by switching off the power supply at the main control unit, or by unplugging the camera from its power source. It is also possible to control the power to individual individual cameras through an app or remote-control device.
How does information technology affect wages?
Information technology can have both a positive and a negative effect on wages. In some cases, IT can make it easier for companies to automate certain tasks, leading to lower staffing costs and higher profits. At the same time, IT can also create new opportunities for employees to develop proficiency in specific skills and be rewarded with higher wages. Additionally, IT can lead to job growth within the industry, raising wages in the long run by increasing overall competition for competent employees.
What are the main parts of a driver face monitoring system?
1. Camera: The camera captures the face of the driver and the image is fed to the processor for analysis. 2. Processor: The processor analyses the image and looks for pre-determined indicators of fatigue, distraction, or other dangerous behaviour. 3. Algorithm: The algorithm processes the data from the processor to identify patterns, such as when a person is yawning or has their eyes closed for longer than a certain period of time. 4. Actuator: The actuator triggers appropriate warning signals, such as a buzzer, when a driver’s face is detected as being in an unsafe condition. 5. Display: The display shows the driver what the system has detected, so they can take corrective actions if needed.