How do I set up email notifications for disposition reviews?

1. Log in to your email provider and create a new rule, automation, or alert. 2. Set the criteria to trigger the notification when a message containing specific keywords (e.g. disposition, review) is sent. 3. Configure the notification to include the message's keywords, sender, and other pertinent details. 4. Test the rule to ensure it functions correctly and adjust accordingly. 5. Save the rule and you're done.
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Did the Romans use the crossbow?

No, the crossbow was not used by the Romans. Although some sources claim that crossbows may have been used by Roman forces during the siege of Ariminum in 287 BC, this is not supported by reliable sources.

Can you see frost even with lows in the 30s?

Yes, frost can occur even when temperatures dip into the 30s. When the air temperature sinks to 32°F or below, frost will usually form.

Is single strand solid or stranded wire used for AC?

Most AC wiring is stranded wire. Single strand solid wire is usually used only in certain special applications.


What is the best malware scanner for Mac?
The best malware scanner for Mac is ClamXav. ClamXav is a free antivirus and malware scanner for Mac that offers both on-demand and real-time scanning to keep your device safe. It is easy to use, fast, and can detect and remove most types of malicious software. In addition, it has the ability to scan other portable drives and external hard drives, making it an ideal choice for Mac users.
What would happen if we moved a foot closer to the Sun?
If we moved a foot closer to the Sun, we would experience extreme heat and the likelihood of severe burns due to the intense radiation. Depending on how close we actually got, the heat could cause anything from discomfort to severe injury. In addition to the very real physical risks, the closer we move to the Sun the greater the gravitational forces that would start to pull us closer to the star, potentially causing us to be drawn into its core.
What are some examples of military technology advances?
1. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): UAVs have been developed and used by the military for surveillance, reconnaissance, and combat. 2. Anti-Missile Systems: Anti-missile technology is used to shoot down and destroy incoming missiles launched at a target. 3. Advanced Gunnery Systems: Advanced gunnery systems help soldiers accurately and efficiently identify targets and hit them with greater precision. 4. Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI can be used in many ways in the military, such as aiding in battlefield decision-making, detecting security threats, and more. 5. Robotics: Robotics help the military complete tasks efficiently, such as bomb disposal and search and rescue. 6. Augmented Reality (AR): Augmented reality can provide soldiers with vital information in the field, such as identifying friendly and hostile forces.
Which one is better FedEx or UPS?
This ultimately depends on your needs and which services better meet them. FedEx and UPS are both well-respected, reliable carriers. If you need to send something quickly, FedEx may be the best option, while UPS has more cost-effective options. FedEx has a greater selection of international shipping options, while UPS is typically more affordable for larger shipments. Compare services, delivery speeds and cost to determine which one fits your needs best.
How many memory pools are there in a system?
This depends on the system, as the number of memory pools will vary depending on the hardware and software configuration. In general, there can be anywhere from one to a dozen or more memory pools, depending on the size and complexity of the system in question.
Are wasps good for the environment?
Yes, wasps can be beneficial to the environment, as they help to control pest populations by preying on insects that can damage crops or spread disease. Wasps also play an important role in pollinating flowers and other plants.