What are the eligibility criteria for NIT Trichy PhD program?

The eligibility criteria for a PhD program at NIT Trichy are: 1. A Master‟s degree in Engineering / Technology in relevant discipline with minimum of 60% marks (CGPA 6.5 on 10.0 point scale)/ 55% marks (CGPA 6.0 on 10.0 point scale) in case of SC/ST/PH category. 2. A valid score in GATE or any other qualifying exams approved by the institute. 3. A Minimum Cumulative Performance Index (CPI/CGPA) of 6.5 on 10.0 Point scale or 60% of marks in case of SC/ST/PH category in the qualifying degree with valid GATE Score or any other qualifying exams approved by the institute. 4. Applicant should have valid score in UGC/CSIR-NET-JRF or any other National Level Test/ Fellowship as per institute norms. 5. Admission is based on the entrance test conducted by the institute as per MoM approved by the senate and admission committee.
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What are some tips for growing your Twitch channel?

1. Stream Consistently - For your viewers to build a community, they need to know when you’re streaming. Try to stick to a consistent schedule and stream regularly, so your viewers are aware of when you’re online. 2. Interact With Your Audience - Make sure to interact with your audience while streaming by responding to their comments and answering their questions. Showing your viewers that you care and giving them a personal connection with you is key to keeping them interested. 3. Utilize Social Media - Promote your streams on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Use keywords and hashtags to help people find your stream and spread awareness of your content. 4. Try Focus Streams - Live streaming a focus on a specific game or topic can be a great way to attract more viewers and bring more attention to your channel. Focus streams will also help you become an expert in a certain area, which can be connected to larger business opportunities such as endorsements and partnerships. 5. Promote Events - Hosting events on your stream, such as tournaments and giveaways, can help boost viewership. Be sure to consistently promote these events prior to the stream and on your social media platforms. 6. Collaborate With Other Streamers - Partnering with other streamers for events or streams can help drive viewers to your channel. Utilizing other streamers on your own channel and appearing as a guest on their streams can help elevate your visibility and promote both you and the other streamer.

Why pray the Rosary during a pandemic?

Praying the Rosary during a pandemic can provide a sense of calm, solace and hope. It is an opportunity for the faithful to come together and raise their collective voices in prayer. The Rosary allows us to take time to reflect on the mysteries of the faith, offer up intercessions for others in need, and thank God for His grace and mercy. Moreover, by praying the Rosary, we show our trust and faith in God and ask for His continuing help to protect and preserve us during difficult times.

How to connect reolink cameras to Google Home?

Currently, it is not possible to connect Reolink cameras to Google Home. Reolink are working on adding Google Home compatibility to its camera range so you can use voice control to access your Reolink cameras. However, it’s not known when this functionality will be available.Unfortunately, you cannot add a camera to Google Home. You can however add a compatible camera such as Nest Cameras or Logitech Circle 2 to your Google Home setup. Doing so will enable you to view live footage from the camera on your compatible device or TV with Chromecast. To set up this integration, navigate to the settings menu in the Google Home app and select the camera device. Follow the on-screen instructions and proceed with setting the camera up. After the setup is complete, you can view and manage live footage from the camera device in the Google Home app.1. Open the Google Home App on your mobile device. 2. Select the ‘Add’ icon (Plus sign) on the Home Screen. 3. Select ‘Set up device’, followed by ‘Have something already set up?’. 4. At the bottom of the list select ‘Search’ and type Reolink. 5. Select Reolink and ‘Sign In’ with your Reolink Cloud Account. 6. Select the Reolink cameras you want to add to Google Home. 7. Google Home will then take you through the necessary steps to connect and name the camera. 8. Your camera will now appear in the Google Home App.Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to directly connect Google Home or Alexa cameras to an NVR. However, most NVRs are designed to be connected to traditional IP-based security cameras, which are compatible with Google Home and Alexa products. To use these cameras with your NVR, you'll need to purchase an appropriate bridge device, such as a smart hub, to connect them to your NVR. Once the cameras are connected, you will be able to control them from your NVR's user interface and view the footage on the security system's monitoring interface.1. Download the Reolink app. 2. Enable the Alexa skill on the Reolink app. 3. Open the Alexa app on your device and add the Reolink skill. 4. Connect your Reolink camera to Alexa. 5. Give the commands to Alexa to ask it to display the camera’s live view or control the camera settings.


How to quickly free up space on your hard drive?
1. Empty the recycle bin. 2. Uninstall unnecessary programs. 3. Delete large or old files you no longer need. 4. Move or delete large media files. 5. Disable system restore and remove all restore points. 6. Use disk cleanup tools to delete system files. 7. Compress large files and folders. 8. Turn on storage sense (Windows) or optimize storage (macOS). 9. Disable hibernation. 10. Configure page files.
How serious is Michael Schumacher's head injury?
Michael Schumacher's injuries are considered serious. While the full extent of his injuries has not been announced, he reportedly suffered a serious brain injury which has caused him to be in a coma since he sustained a head injury while skiing in France in December 2013.
What is the difference between USB flash drives and the cloud?
A USB flash drive is a type of physical storage device that allows you to store and transfer data. It's a physical device, typically in the shape of a small rectangle, that plugs into a port on your computer. It stores all of its data locally and plugs directly into your computer to transfer information. The cloud is a type of storage that exists online. It is a network of computers with remote servers hosted on the internet, and all of your data is stored “in the cloud.” The cloud is typically accessed via the internet, and its advantage is that all of your data is accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. Additionally, some cloud storage services tend to be more affordable than purchasing a USB flash drive and the associated hardware for transferring data.
What should I consider when taking an online studio course?
1. Accessibility: Make sure you have access to the technology you need for the class (e.g., internet access, laptop, camera). 2. Timing: Consider how much time you will need to complete assignments and whether you will be able to make the deadlines. 3. Scheduling: Think about how you will fit the class into your weekly schedule. 4. Community: Make sure the online class has a strong sense of community and an interactive learning environment. 5. Support: Check that you have resources available to help you with technical issues, if you need them. 6. Prerequisites: Make sure you have all the skills and knowledge required for the class. 7. Organizational Skills: Develop your organizational skills to help you keep track of your assignments and manage your time effectively. 8. Accountability: Take responsibility for your learning and hold yourself accountable for completing assignments.
How to create a good intranet homepage?
1. Ensure the homepage is organized with a clear layout. Place important information in easily accessible places, such as buttons for commonly used features, informational boxes, and an engaging visual representation of the company. 2. Use a consistent design. Incorporate your company’s brand elements and make sure the homepage follows its look and feel. Choose an appropriate color scheme, font, and imagery. 3. Highlight key content. Feature news and announcements, upcoming events, and promotions. Promote collaboration by including links to popular discussion forums, shared documents, and team projects. 4. Keep it simple. Aim for an uncluttered look with a maximum of two to three columns in the main area. Include options for personalizing the homepage with widgets and notifications. 5. Lambaste social features. Employees should be able to easily follow other colleagues, express likes, and comment on posts. 6. Provide user support. Provide a help section where users can find solutions to their issues, FAQs and a search bar to easily locate answers.
Does Jupiter have atmosphere and what is it made of?
Yes, Jupiter has an atmosphere. It is made mostly of molecular hydrogen and helium, with trace amounts of other gases like ammonia, methane, and water.