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Is Netflix charging for password sharing?
No, Netflix does not currently charge for password sharing.
How to narrow a value from DWORD to word?
You can narrow a DWORD value to a word by using the bitwise "AND" operation with the DWORD value and the value 0xFFFF. This will set all but the least significant 16 bits to zero and leave you with the value of the word that was originally contained in the DWORD.
Is WordPress Multisite HTTPS or HTTPS?
WordPress MultiSite can be run on either HTTP or HTTPS. It is up to the website administrator to decide what protocol to use.
How to copy the password file from primary database to standby?
1. On the primary database host, log in as an administrator user and make sure the Oracle database software is running. 2. Open a shell prompt and connect to the database. 3. Execute the following command to export the password file: $ora_home/bin/exp userid=system/manager FILE=PASSWD.DMP log=PASSWD.log 4. Copy the exported file (PASSWD.DMP) from the existing database host to the standby host with an FTP program or SCP utility. 5. On the standby host, log in as an administrator user and open a shell prompt. 6. Connect to the standby database. 7. Execute the following command to import the password file: $ora_home/bin/imp userid=system/manager FILE=PASSWD.DMP log=PASSWD.log 8. Verify the contents of the password file on the standby database by executing a query.
what is wordmark
A wordmark is a stylized text-only logo or branding element that spells out a company or brand name. It often uses custom typography to create an eye-catching and unique design, usually only using the brand name. Wordmarks are standalone logos, and they are not used with an accompanying symbol or graphic element.
What is the difference between string initialized through literal and new keyword?
The main difference between string initialized through literal and new keyword is that string literals create a string object directly in the memory (with a fixed location in memory) and the new keyword creates a string object on the heap. Literal strings are more efficient since they are stored in a common pool and shared, while strings created with the new keyword are new objects that need to be allocated memory, which can be inefficient.
How to manage push notifications for your Wordpress site?
1. Install a Push Notification Plugin: The first step to managing push notifications on your WordPress site is to install a plugin. There are a number of plugins available, so make sure you choose one that meets your needs. 2. Enable Push Notifications: Once you’ve installed the plugin, you’ll need to enable push notifications. Depending on the plugin you use, this can be done via the WordPress dashboard or manually. 3. Create Push Notification Content: Now it’s time to create the content that you want to be sent as push notifications. You’ll need to decide on the content and decide what type of notifications you want to send. 4. Set Up A Scheduling Tool: You’ll need to set up a scheduling tool or tool that allows you to set the frequency of your notifications. You should be able to set daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. 5. Test Your Notifications: Before you go live, you should do a test run of your notifications to make sure they’re working correctly. This way, you can make sure they’re going out correctly and no problems are encountered. 6. Monitor Notifications: Once you have everything set up, it’s time to monitor your notifications and make sure they’re being sent out as planned. You should be able to see the number of clicks, as well as who is clicking on the notification links.
Where does the word microscope come from?
The word 'microscope' was coined by Dutch scientist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek in 1676, from the two Greek words 'micros', meaning small and 'skopein', meaning to look at.
How do I import a Tumblr post to WordPress?
1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard. 2. From the admin panel, click on the "Tools" tab located on the left menu. 3. On the new menu, click on the "Import" button. 4. On the list of available imports, select the "Tumblr" option. 5. Follow the on-screen instructions to authenticate your blog on Tumblr and grant WordPress access to your Tumblr content. 6. Select the specific post you want to import, then click the "Import" button. 7. Your post will now be imported to WordPress.
Is it possible to have too many keywords?
Yes, it is possible to have too many keywords. If you have more keywords than necessary, it can make your content look spammy and cause people to leave your page quickly. Additionally, search engines may flag your page as spam if you include too many keywords.


Can DWM be programmatically disabled?
Yes, it is possible to programmatically disable Desktop Window Manager (DWM) in Windows. This can typically be done by creating a registry key containing a DWORD value set to 0 in the registry to disable the service. However, given the potential risks of modifying system-level components, it is highly recommended to seek professional help when making changes.
how to create photoshop
1. Open a new file in Adobe Photoshop that is 5 inches by 5 inches. Make sure the document is set to 300 dpi so the resolution is adequate for printing. 2. Create a shape, either with the shape tool, a brush or a gradient. Pen and Pencil Tools will also work fine. 3. Duplicate the shape and move it to the left of the first shape. 4. Select the second shape and press the copy command (Ctr+C). 5. Select Paths in the Paths palette and press paste. 6. Select the first shape again, press the copy command and then paste in the same paths palette. 7. Select both shapes in the paths palette and then press the command for making multiple selections. You should now have both shapes selected and grayed out in the paths palette. 8. With both shapes selected, press the command for creating a pattern in the edit menu. 9. Press ok and you have a pattern. 10. To save the pattern, go to edit menu and click define pattern. This pattern can now be used in any project and will now show up in the pattern palette.
How do I calculate how much home equity I have?
Your home equity is the current market value of your home minus the amount you owe on any mortgage or other loan secured by your home. To calculate your home equity, you can use an online calculator or a simpler formula. The formula is the market value of your home minus the balance of your mortgage loans (or other loans secured by your home).
What does the first digit of a status code mean?
The first digit of a status code typically indicates the response type. 1xx - Informational 2xx - Success 3xx - Redirection 4xx - Client Error 5xx - Server Error
Is the federal tax system progressive?
Yes, the federal tax system in the United States is progressive. This means that taxpayers who earn a higher income pay a higher rate of tax than those who earn a lower income. The total amount of taxes paid increases as income increases. For instance, someone earning $50,000 may pay 15% of their income in taxes, whereas someone earning $500,000 pays a 37% rate on their income.
Do you need a communication plan for a complex project?
Yes, a communication plan is essential for any complex project. A communication plan, also known as a stakeholder engagement plan, outlines how and when information, updates, and decisions will be shared with all project stakeholders so they can stay informed throughout the project duration. It also provides guidance on how stakeholders should communicate with each other and with the project team.