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How to add color to drop down list in Excel?
1. Select the cells containing your drop down list. 2. Go to the Ribbon and select Home > Conditional Formatting > Color Scales. 3. Select the color scale you want to use. 4. Once again, select the cells containing your drop down list. 5. Click the drop down arrow in the Conditional Formatting button on the Home tab. 6. Click Clear Rules > Clear Rules from Selected Cells. 7. Your drop down list should now have the selected color scale.
What is the center of Excellence starter kit?
The Center of Excellence Starter Kit is an all-in-one package created by the team at Thoughtworks. This kit provides an effective way to begin setting up a Center of Excellence (CoE) in your organization. The Starter Kit contains a set of documents, guidelines and other resources to help you get started in creating and managing a successful CoE. It also outlines a system for managing the CoE, from launching projects to identifying best practices and scaling operations.
How to add form to excel?
1. Open the Excel workbook where you want to add the form. 2. Click on "Developer" tab in the ribbon, if it is not available, click “File -> Options -> Customize Ribbon -> Check Developer -> OK. 3. Click “Insert” in the Developer tab. 4. Choose the type of form element you’d like to add from the "Form Controls" drop-down. 5. Click and drag the mouse to draw the form in your spreadsheet. 6. Right-click on the form and select “Format Control”. 7. In the “Format Control” window, change the properties to customize the form. 8. Click “OK” when you’re done.
How to use stacked column chart in Excel?
1. Launch your Microsoft Excel program and open the worksheet that contains the data for the chart. 2. Select the data for the chart (use either select all or click and drag across the cells containing the data). 3. Click the Insert tab and then click the Stacked column chart icon. 4. The chart will appear on the current worksheet. 5. Right-click anywhere on the chart and select the Select Data option. 6. In the popup window, select the series of data to be included in the graph in the Legend Entries (Series) section. 7. Adjust the colors and labels in the Format Chart Area window. 8. Add a chart title, if desired, by selecting the Chart Title button under the Layout tab. 9. Save the completed chart.
How to create a message box in Excel?
To create a message box in Excel, you can use the built-in InputBox action, which displays a message box in the center of the active window. You can call the InputBox action as a function in your VBA code or from the ribbon. To call it from the ribbon, select the Developer tab, then click the Macro Selector button. Choose InputBox from the list of available actions and click OK. You will then be prompted to enter the prompt message, which is the message that will be displayed in the message box. You can also specify the title, default response, help file, and context options in the InputBox dialog window. When you are done, click OK to display the message box in the center of the active window.
How do you flip the axis in Excel?
In Excel, there are two ways to flip the axis: 1. Right-click on the axis labels you wish to flip and select “Format Axis”. In the Format Axis dialog box, select the “Axis Options” tab. Change the “Axis Orientation” option to “Low” to flip the axis. 2. Alternatively, you can select the entire chart, click the “Design” tab, and click “Switch Row/Column under the Data group to swap the vertical and horizontal axes.1. Select the data. 2. On the Insert tab select Charts and then select your desired chart. 3. Right-click the vertical (value) axis of the chart, and choose Format Axis. 4. On the Scale tab, under Primary Axis, select Percentage in the Axis Type drop-down. 5. Click Close. Now your vertical axis is a percentage.1. In Excel, double click anywhere on the chart you want to add or change the axis. 2. Select the "Format" tab located on the top menu bar. 3. Select the "Axis" option in the drop-down menu. 4. Select the "Axes" tab to the right and choose the type of axis you wish to use. 5. Customize the axis range if desired and click the "OK" button to save the changes.You can flip Excel data on its own axis by transposing the values. To do this, select the data you would like to flip. On the Home tab, select the Copy button. Then, go to the cell you would like to paste the result and select Paste Special. In the Paste Special dialogue box, select the ‘Transpose’ button, followed by ‘OK’. Your data will now be flipped on its own axis.1. Select the chart in your Excel spreadsheet. 2. Click the "Design" tab and select "Switch Row/Column" from the Data group. Clicking this option will swap the x and y axes in your chart. 3. If needed, you can also change the layout of the chart in the Layout tab in Excel.
How to label a pie chart in Excel?
1. Create a Pie Chart: Open your Excel spreadsheet and select the data that you want to include in the pie chart. Then click on the Insert tab in the top ribbon, click Chart and then click Pie. 2. Add Labels to the Pie Chart: Select the pie chart to open the Chart Tools Design tab, then click on the Add Chart Element drop-down and select Data Labels. You can then customize the type and format of data labels added to the chart. 3. Format Pie Chart: Format the colors and size of the pie chart using the Chart Tools Design tab. Move the chart to the desired location on the worksheet. 4. Save the Chart: When you are finished, save your Excel document.
How to quickly insert sheet names in cells in Excel?
There is a quick and easy way to insert the names of sheets in cells in Excel. 1. Select the cell or range of cells where you want to insert the names of the sheets. 2. Go to the Formulas tab in the ribbon and select "Name Manager". 3. This will open the Name Manager dialog box. 4. Click the New button and enter a name for the range. 5. In the "Refers to" field, enter the formula "=GET.NAME(SHEET)" 6. Click OK to save and close the Name Manager. 7. Now, in any cell where you want to display sheet names, enter the range name you have just created. 8. The sheet names should now appear in the selected cells.1. Go to Insert > Name > Define. 2. Enter the name you wish to use in the Names in Workbook text box. 3. In the Refers to box, type an equal sign "=" and then click on the tab of the sheet you want to name. 4. Click Add and then OK. 5. The name you chose should now appear within the Name Box to the left of the formula bar.1. To insert a new sheet into an Excel workbook, go to the Home tab and click the Insert drop-down arrow in the Cells group. 2. Select "Insert Sheet" from the drop-down menu. 3. A new sheet will be added to the workbook.1. Select the cells you want to insert in the sheet. 2. Right-click on the selection and choose Insert from the context menu. 3. In the Insert window, select whether you want to Shift cells down or Shift cells right from the drop-down menu. 4. Click OK to apply the change and insert the selected cells.
How to force Microsoft Excel to show leading zeroes?
1. Select the cells in which you want to show leading zeroes. 2. Right click and select Format Cells. 3. In the Number tab, select Custom in the Category list. 4. Enter the number of zeroes you want to appear in the Type list. For example, you can enter 00000000 or 0000000. 5. Click the OK button to save the changes.
How to create a Gantt chart in Excel?
1. Open a new Excel spreadsheet and enter the project's tasks into the first column. In the next column, enter the duration for each task. 2. Click Insert from the top menu bar, select 2-D bar chart from the Charts group, then select the first option in the Common Types category (Clustered Bar). 3. Right-click on the chart, select Format chart area and enter the date range you want the chart to cover in the x-axis label range box. 4. Right-click on the axis titles and select Edit Axis. In the Axis Options tab, select the date range you entered and click OK. 5. Right-click on the chart and select Select Data. Add a new series to the chart and select your task duration values as the range. 6. Right-click and select Format Data Series. Under Series Options select Secondary Axis, check Category Axis and enter the duration for each task in the Axis Labels Range box. 7. Right-click and select Format Data Series again. Under Series Options select Secondary Axis and check Value Axis. 8. Select the Fill icon from the Chart Tools Format tab to adjust the colors of the bars. 9. Adjust the chart title, legend and other settings to suit the design of your Gantt chart.


Will Russia embrace science diplomacy?
Yes, Russia is increasingly engaging in science diplomacy. In 2017, the Russian Federation's Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement stating that science diplomacy can play an important role in facilitating dialogue and collaboration between states. Since then, a number of initiatives and programs have been launched, such as the Global Science Diplomacy Initiative, which aims to promote dialogue and collaboration between researchers from different countries, increase understanding between cultures and strengthen collaborations in research, innovation and education. Additionally, the Russian Federation has joined other research programs and initiatives, such as Europe's Horizon 2020 program, and is actively participating in global initiatives related to emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence.
How do I import data into Google Fit?
Google Fit does not support importing data from third-party sources. However, you can manually enter your data from other sources into Google Fit. To do this, open the Google Fit app and tap "+" to add activities, record weight, and log other fitness tracking data.
What are the main industries in the electrical and electronics industry?
The major industries in the electrical and electronics industry include: -Consumer electronics -Telecommunications -Computer hardware and software -Industrial automation -Aerospace and defense -Automotive -Renewable energy -Medical electronics
How do I appeal a DC government agency decision or order?
To file an appeal of a decision or order from a DC government agency, you must first submit a written request to the agency. The agency has 21 days to respond to your request. If your request is denied, you can appeal to the Office of Administrative Hearings within 30 days of the date on the agency’s response. You can also appeal to the Office of Administrative Hearings if you do not get a response within 21 days after submitting your request.
What is the original Tetris game?
The original Tetris is a tile-matching puzzle video game designed and programmed by Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov. It was released in 1984 and is considered one of the most influential video games of all time. The objective of Tetris involves manipulating various falling pieces, shaped like tetrominoes, by rotating them and arranging them to complete a solid line without leaving any gaps. When a line is formed and completed, it disappears signalling points and the game continues until the stack of pieces reaches the top and no lines can be cleared.
What are the most sold electronic devices in the world?
The most popular electronic devices in the world include smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, television sets, and gaming consoles. Smartphones are by far the most popular category of electronic device, accounting for almost half of the global market share. Other popular items include digital cameras, music players, and wearables such as smart watches.