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How to hide rows less than a specific value in Excel?
1. Select the column containing the values you want to hide. 2. Click the Data tab. 3. Click the Filter icon in the Sort & Filter group. 4. Click the dropdown arrow for the column you selected. 5. Click Number Filters. 6. Select Less Than from the list of options. 7. Enter the specific value you want to hide the rows below. 8. Click OK. 9. The rows below the specific value will be hidden.
What are sort options in Excel?
1. Sort A to Z: Sort from A to Z in either ascending or descending order 2. Sort Z to A: Sort from Z to A in either ascending or descending order 3. Sort by Color: Sort by color, such as with cell background or font color 4. Sort Oldest to Newest: Sort by date, such as in chronological order 5. Sort Smallest to Largest: Sort lower numbers to higher numbers 6. Sort Largest to Smallest: Sort higher numbers to lower numbers 7. Sort by Icon: Sort by icon set, such as those by 3 Levels or 5 Levels
How do I calculate days in Excel?
To calculate days in Excel, first enter the start date into one cell, and the end date into a different cell. Then, enter the formula =end date-start date into the cell where you would like to see the result. This will give you the number of days between the two dates.
How to lock or unlock cells in Excel or a protected worksheet?
1. To lock a cell or range of cells: - Select the cells you want to lock. - Go to the Format tab. - Click the 'Protection' button on the ribbon. - Check the box next to 'Lock Cells'. 2. To unlock a cell or range of cells: - Select the cells you want to unlock. - Go to the Format tab. - Click the 'Protection' button on the ribbon. - Uncheck the box next to 'Lock Cells'.
How to UNPIVOT Excel data with a macro?
UNPIVOTing Excel data with a macro involves looping through the original data, extracting and reformatting values from one column to multiple columns. Below is an example macro for unPIVOTing the data in a table: Sub UnPIVOT_Data() 'Declare Variables Dim rngData As Range Dim ColCoun As Integer Dim i As Integer Dim LastCol As Integer Dim LastRow As Integer Dim rngTgt As Range Dim TgtRow As Integer 'Set Variables Set rngData = Range("A1:E6") LastRow = rngData.Rows.Count ColCoun = rngData.Columns.Count TgtRow = LastRow + 1 LastCol = LastRow + ColCoun 'Fill target range For i = 1 To ColCoun Set rngTgt = Range("A" & TgtRow & ":" & _ Cells(TgtRow, LastCol).Address) rngData.Offset(0, i - 1).Resize(LastRow).Copy rngTgt TgtRow = TgtRow + LastRow Next i End Sub
How do you insert the current date and time in Excel using a formula?
To insert the current date and time in Excel using a formula, you can use the NOW() and TODAY() functions. For example, to insert the current date, enter =TODAY() into a cell. To insert the current time, enter =NOW() into a cell.
What does criteria mean in Excel?
In Excel, criteria refers to the conditions or requirements that are used to define which data is displayed or used for a calculation. Criteria can be expressed as simple text, numbers, formulas, cell references, or ranges of data. For example, a criteria can be used to define which cells should be included in a SUM formula, or which records should be displayed after sorting a table.
How to freeze more than one pane in Excel?
1. Select the cells you want to freeze in an Excel worksheet. 2. Go to the View tab on the ribbon and select "Freeze Panes" from the Window group. 3. Click "Freeze Panes" to immediately freeze the selected rows and columns. 4. To freeze additional panes, select the option "Freeze Panes" again. This time select the "Freeze Top Row" or "Freeze First Column" options to freeze the top row or first column of the selected cell range. 5. You can also select "Freeze Panes" and select any cell to freeze all rows and columns above and to the left of the cell. 6. Click "OK" to freeze the panes.
Are You using Excel for project management?
No, Excel is not used for project management. Excel is a spreadsheet program used for creating and managing data, whereas project management requires specialized project management software.
How to enable autosave in Excel?
Autosave is enabled by default in Microsoft Excel. To enable Autosave, click the "File" tab and then click "Options" in the panel that appears on the left of the Excel window. In the Excel Options window, click "Save" in the left panel. Under "Save workbooks", check the box next to "Save AutoRecover information every" and set the desired interval. Click "OK". Autosave will now be enabled and will save your work automatically at the interval you set.


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How to maximize all columns in Excel?
1. Select all of the cells you want to include in the resize. 2. Go to the “Home” tab in the toolbar and click on “Format.” 3. Select “AutoFit Column Width” from the dropdown menu. 4. This will automatically maximize the size of your selected columns.
What are some ways to lose 20 pounds quickly?
1. Follow a low-calorie diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. 2. Do interval or HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts. 3. Cut out refined sugar, starches, and processed foods. 4. Drink plenty of water and limit sugary beverages. 5. Eat regular meals to keep your metabolism high. 6. Monitor your calorie intake and stay within your daily total. 7. Get adequate sleep and rest to enhance fat-burning hormones. 8. Get adequate protein to maintain a healthy weight. 9. Monitor your portion sizes and only have small snacks during the day. 10. Try aerobic exercises such as running,swimming and cycling.
How do you send a secure message in outlook?
The best way to send a secure message in Outlook is to use Microsoft Information Rights Management (IRM) to encrypt the message contents when sent through Outlook. IRM allows you to set varying levels of permissions, such as allowing the recipient to forward the message or block the recipient from printing or copying the contents. To use IRM from within Outlook, you must enable it in the Trust Center settings.
Is medical care taxed for people without insurance?
In most cases, medical care is not taxed for people without insurance. However, it depends on the type of medical care being received and the state in which you live. For example, some states may have sales taxes or excise taxes on certain types of medical care, such as cosmetic procedures. Additionally, if you do not have health insurance and are receiving medical care from a medical facility, you may be responsible for paying the facility’s full fee for the service.
Why is phosphorus stored in water?
Phosphorus is stored in water to help promote healthy aquatic life. Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for plant and animal life, and it is stored in water as a form of nitrate or phosphate. It is also used to help reduce eutrophication, which is a process that causes excessive nutrients to accumulate in water, resulting in decreased oxygen levels for fish and other animals.